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Top reasons why you should lock your medicines

Top reasons why you should lock your medicines

Nowadays, a significant percentage of population invests in residential locks. They want to keep their most prized possessions under the key and stay stress-free whenever they have to leave their home. If some individuals maintain their jewels and art in safes, others lock their prescribed drugs. What if your child accidentally takes ZetaClear? Read our top reasons why you should lock your medicines.

Reasons why you need a lock

The vault you will buy has to meet your demands. What will it keep under the lock? Do you want to protect your jewelry, your guns, the passport and original birth certificates, important papers related to your retirement, spare keys, wills, or cash? You should consider having them at home, rather than in a bank safe deposit box. It sounds crazy, but the contents of a safe deposit box are rarely insured. On the other hand, the things in your home are usually covered by your insurance policy.

Having your medicines under the key should be your priority. Do you know how many children have reached to ER because they swallowed their parents’ prescribed drugs? The numbers are alarming. Over 70,000 kids in the U.S. alone arrive at the emergency each year. As the rates of the prescriptions being filled by adults increase, the medication poisoning in children will rise, as well. In case your kid will accidentally swallow the product from ZetaClear Center, call the poison control center at 1-800-222-1222.

What if your kids take your medicines?

To avoid such a disaster, follow the instructions mentioned on https://medlineplus.gov/ency/patientinstructions/000619.htm. Remember to lock your ZetaClear spray and solution after each use and avoid taking your meds in front of your kids. They usually copy their parents’ gestures and might be tempted to take your drugs, just like you.   

Perhaps you forgot to put the meds from ZetaClear Center away. When you notice that your little one has swallowed the antifungal treatment, call the experts at the poison control center, and follow their advice. Although the homeopathic spray and local solution are made of 100% natural ingredients, they are not intended to be used by children under 12 years old. So, take your kids and go to the ER if you find him near the opened bottle of ZetaClear.

Should you lock ZetaClear?

It’s best to keep all your medicines in a vault. Whether you have only several aspirins and a dietary supplement with vitamins and minerals, you should lock them just as you would hide your guns. Does the granny come to visit them for several days? Her prescribed drugs should stay in the safe, along with ZetaClear. You can never guess when the child’s curiosity will kick in, triggering the poisoning of your little one.

On our top reasons why you should lock your medicines is the fact that more and more kids are watched closely in the hospitals after taking meds like candies. Do you still have second thoughts about buying a residential lock? Think about your children’s safety.  

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What to consider when buying a home safe

What to consider when buying a home safe

What to consider when buying a home safe

Choosing a home safe can be an easy task if you take into consideration some details. It is important to have a clear idea about its usage requirements in order to select the one with the optimal features. If you want to safeguard difficult-to-replace objects such as official documents, passports or small valuable objects while keeping them handy, this could be a relatively inexpensive and user-friendly solution.

Device that comply with high security standards

Most home safes are designed to protect your belongings from burglaries and fires. Some models are also equipped to resist the effects of humidity and flooding, although such designs are not quite common.

There are several independent institutions that conduct tests that certify the resistance to the opening of the box by force. These entities can also asses the protection against fire depending on which objects are going to be safeguarded. There are European Standards that regulate the quality of security provided by domiciliary safes.

The application of the mentioned norms results in the achievement of optimal resistance levels against a possible theft. The test employed in such cases consists of checking the amount of time required to access the content of the box by means of the use of several tools. The longer it takes to achieve such goal, the higher the security level provided by the device.

Tools employed on the mentioned test include pliers, screwdrivers, axes, hammers, fixed wrenches, levers, saws, drilling machines, and abrasive liquids to mention some. According to the police, thieves usually prefer those items that can be easily carried and on the run.

Therefore, an empty box that weighs more than 35 kg becomes an unattractive target compared to jewelry, small electronic devices and other items that would be much easier to transport. The vast majority of domiciliary safes also come with everything you need to screw them to the floor or some other place that is conveniently protected against burglars.

Choosing the security appliance that is more suitable for your needs

There are security safes for the safekeeping of valuable belongings, cash and important documents. These boxes are equipped with a small slot that allows you to introduce money, envelopes and important documents on them without having to open them.

There are also collection boxes which are quite similar to the previous type, although these devices have a specific design that is destined to guard larger amounts of money daily. You could also resort to a particular model of security safe that is equipped with an adequate ventilation system that allows you to protect your computer accessories and video recorders.

An easy way to determine the optimal size of the security box that you are about to acquire is to stack what you plan to put in it. In this way you can measure the approximate dimensions of the set. A fairly common capacity for a home safe ranges from 25 to 40 liters which can be easily used to store the most common valuable items and documents.

It is also important to evaluate the closure system in order to acquire the most suitable box for your needs. You should take into consideration details like the frequency of use and the required levels of reliability and security.


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The perfect door locks to enhance your home’s security

The perfect door locks to enhance your home’s security

The perfect door locks to enhance your home’s security

Around 85% of houses have obsolete latches which can give burglars and thieves the perfect chance to attack. Therefore, it is important to install a high quality lock in order to prevent any kind of intrusion. Take into consideration all possible access ways to your home so you can opt for the most adequate design on each case. Resistant models will force robbers to give up on their purpose, keeping your residence safe.

Main features to consider when buying a new lock

One of the most important elements of a house is, without a doubt, the entrance door. It is fundamental to choose the most appropriate lock model for such gateway in order avoid thefts. However, not all the latches available on the market adequately guarantee protection against any kind of attack.

To ensure the safety of your home, the entrance door must have at least two closing points. Each latch must be equipped with an anti-shock and anti-drill cylinder. The characteristics of the key also influence on the safety of the bolt. Generally, the most secure models incorporate flat designs.

Some models have become obsolete as burglars have developed new methods to circumvent their security features. An efficient design must fulfill at least two requirements. In the first place it should be able to counteract the manipulation skills of the intruder. In second instance, it must neutralize violent attacks that may cause the rupture of the cylinder.

Choosing the most effective lock designs

European models are considered as the most efficient security devices, especially for exterior gateways. A very popular brand in this category is Avocet ABS which provides latches with high quality cylinders implemented with anti-bumping, anti-extraction and anti-drill technology. In addition, each bolt includes up to 5 unique keys that cannot be copied. It can be easily acquire at an affordable price.

Multipoint locks are characterized for incorporating several latches on the upper, central and lower side of the door. All of them are simultaneously handled by a single internal system. It means that they can be opened or closed using a single key. Normally, the fabrication of these models is subject to many quality controls that measure their resistance and ensure an efficient performance.

Overlap locks are designed to be installed on doors of thin thickness such as those that give access to terraces or gardens. The main drawback of these models is that they can be easily forced since their mechanism is exposed.

Built-in locks are suitable for armored doors. They have an efficient mechanism that can be reinforced with other safety accessories such as armored shields that protect the cylinder from any method of theft. It is important to consider that new models are made with high quality materials that guarantee greater durability. These bolts are more resistant than overlap designs since their machinery is less exposed.

Tubular latches are characterized for having a handle that is united to the lock by the same mechanism. They can be closed from the inside with the touch of a button. Digital bolts are especially used in hotels and tourist accommodations, although they can also be adapted to fulfill the requirements of a house. They can be opened with a code number, a card or through Bluetooth technology.

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