Best smart home safety devices of 2017

There are endless varieties of locks. Each model is designed with specific features and for a particular kind of door. There are classic types like built-in and overlap devices. However, there are also optimized bolts that offer a higher level of security. It is important to know the characteristics of each one of them in order to choose the most effective design that is capable to provide your residence adequate safekeeping measures.

Locks designed to reinforce the security of your home

High security locks are primarily designed to increase the level of physical safety of your home. They are equipped with cylinders of high resistance which reduce the probabilities of any kind of robbery. These devices constitute a defensive system unlike other schemes such as alarms and video surveillance cameras, which are intended to discourage the intruder.

Having this kind of locks on the main entrance door reinforces the protection of the house against the attacks of burglars and organized bands. One of the most well known brands is Avocet ABS which stands out for its technological innovation and affordable prices. The effectiveness of the cylinder manufactured by this company is backed up with numerous international certifications.

There are complementary devices that can be installed in main access points which can reinforce the security provided by locks. That is the case of protective shields which are gadgets that effectively prevent thefts. There are models that are equipped with local alarms and sms notification systems that immediately warn the user about a possible attack.

Protective shields combined with high security locks force potential burglars to spend a lot of time and to use noisy tools to enter the house. This situation increases their exposure and the possibility of their capture before they can even achieve their goal.

Protecting your home with efficient technological improvements

Electronic locks represent one of the most effective options when it comes to protect your home and belongings. This kind of device provides you a high level of security and saves you time. There are many methods that you could use to open this kind of bolt like the insertion of a fingerprint, a key-code or an encrypted card.

This type of locks provides different advantages. One of them is that the user does not have to worry about the loss of the key or about installing an anti-bumping system. Additionally, it can be adapted to the requirements of each individual, since there are some who prefer traditional approaches.

Another remarkable feature of these devices is that they are able to block the entrance of those who are not registered on the system. You could also program a schedule to keep the door closed for a period of time, a helpful characteristic if you are planning to leave on a trip. There are several models that are suitable for different gateways.

Although electronic locks are expensive, it is important to bear in mind that they involve an investment that will keep your home protected against the attack of intruders. Their first-class technology allows you to monitor at all times the gateways of your house. In this way you do not need to worry about burglars even if you have to leave your residence for long periods of time.