The perfect door locks to enhance your home’s security

Around 85% of houses have obsolete latches which can give burglars and thieves the perfect chance to attack. Therefore, it is important to install a high quality lock in order to prevent any kind of intrusion. Take into consideration all possible access ways to your home so you can opt for the most adequate design on each case. Resistant models will force robbers to give up on their purpose, keeping your residence safe.

Main features to consider when buying a new lock

One of the most important elements of a house is, without a doubt, the entrance door. It is fundamental to choose the most appropriate lock model for such gateway in order avoid thefts. However, not all the latches available on the market adequately guarantee protection against any kind of attack.

To ensure the safety of your home, the entrance door must have at least two closing points. Each latch must be equipped with an anti-shock and anti-drill cylinder. The characteristics of the key also influence on the safety of the bolt. Generally, the most secure models incorporate flat designs.

Some models have become obsolete as burglars have developed new methods to circumvent their security features. An efficient design must fulfill at least two requirements. In the first place it should be able to counteract the manipulation skills of the intruder. In second instance, it must neutralize violent attacks that may cause the rupture of the cylinder.

Choosing the most effective lock designs

European models are considered as the most efficient security devices, especially for exterior gateways. A very popular brand in this category is Avocet ABS which provides latches with high quality cylinders implemented with anti-bumping, anti-extraction and anti-drill technology. In addition, each bolt includes up to 5 unique keys that cannot be copied. It can be easily acquire at an affordable price.

Multipoint locks are characterized for incorporating several latches on the upper, central and lower side of the door. All of them are simultaneously handled by a single internal system. It means that they can be opened or closed using a single key. Normally, the fabrication of these models is subject to many quality controls that measure their resistance and ensure an efficient performance.

Overlap locks are designed to be installed on doors of thin thickness such as those that give access to terraces or gardens. The main drawback of these models is that they can be easily forced since their mechanism is exposed.

Built-in locks are suitable for armored doors. They have an efficient mechanism that can be reinforced with other safety accessories such as armored shields that protect the cylinder from any method of theft. It is important to consider that new models are made with high quality materials that guarantee greater durability. These bolts are more resistant than overlap designs since their machinery is less exposed.

Tubular latches are characterized for having a handle that is united to the lock by the same mechanism. They can be closed from the inside with the touch of a button. Digital bolts are especially used in hotels and tourist accommodations, although they can also be adapted to fulfill the requirements of a house. They can be opened with a code number, a card or through Bluetooth technology.